Rifline Group

Time Critical Solution

We satisfy your need for speed

When you have the need for an on time delivery to your destination, you need a supplier who has the necessary know-how and skills to manage the delivery, regardless of type, destination or handling requirements. With our ability to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, RifLine is the perfect choice to deliver goods exactly where and when you want.

Key features of our solutions for urgent delivery:

• Specialized team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. Reliable and effective. No call centers!
• Pre-coordination with airlines, route planning and dedicated flight booking in order to choose the shortest and fastest way to minimize transfer times
• Priorities and pick-up, dedicated service of goods delivery
• Constant monitoring of the shipment
• Specialized packaging
• Customs regulations and documentation management.


On Board Courier

RifLine offers a dedicated service for your sensitive deliveries anywhere in the globe. Our dedicated courier is in physical possession of the shipment, when possible, from start to delivery to the recipient. We assure the delivery and we treat it with care and absolute guarantee of confidentiality.

Next Flight Out

If you need the advantages of speed, but the solution On Board Courier is not for you, our service “Next flight out” is the best solution for your urgent international deliveries.

We will carry your shipment at the nearest international airport and load it on the next available flight. Upon arrival at the destination, we will deal with urgent delivery.

Controlled temperature

If you need fast delivery for items that need to stay at a controlled temperature during the journey, we are able to provide the best solution for your shipment. A dedicated service and quick pick-up, co-ordinated with the choice of the best available flight options and timely delivery. Our packaging specialists are able to study the best solution of packaging capable of maintaining the temperature at
he desired level during the entire transit providing control devices and reporting of the temperature.

Let us know your and we will be able to organize the perfect solution for your shipment.